The Educational Foundation has awarded over $3,278,908.00 to groups or individuals for projects to benefit children and education. Generous donations from DKG chapters, members and friends make these project grants possible. Any project leader may apply. (Applicants need not be members of The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International.)  A total of $21,963.00 in awards was funded to new and renewed projects in February 2019. (Shall return unused funds to DKGIEF)
Applications for this award are due January 3, 2020.

Project Application
If you submit your application
between December 20th and
January 6th you will NOT receive a 
confirmation number/email until
the week of January 6, 2020 when
we return from our winter break.
Project Application
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Year-End Report Form
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Mid-Year Report Form
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Projects Funded and Stories

Cinyanja and English Textbooks for Good Shepherd School - 2017
These instructional materials have generated a positive impact.   The under-privileged children of Ng'ombe Compound and surrounding areas now have the opportunity for quality education.   They are being introduced to modern tools and trends of education in the form of Zambia's latest quality teaching aids and learning materials.