Recipients, projects, and award amounts are as follows

New Project Awards 2019

  • Empowering Girls Through Technical Literacy: A Vertile House - DKG Project
    Rico Changeux
    South Carolina
  • The Forget-Me-Not Early Literacy
    Judy Erickson
    New Hampshire
  • Let's Show Them the World
    Kathy Finlayson
  • Muncie Public Library's Ready Readers Program
    Akilah Nosakhere
  • High School Readiness & College/Career Exploration for Under-Resourced Middle School Students
    Ranna Daud
  • Title XI and Its Hawaii Connections
    Gloria Kishi

Total Awarded New Projects  $16,463.00

Renewed Project Awards 2019

  • Cinyanja and English Textbooks for Good Shepherd School
    Jeanne Niebel
  • Yes, you can! Back-To-School Conference
    Dr. Fannie J. Albert
Total Awarded to Renewed Projects $5,500.00

Projects Funded for 2018-2019

2018-2019 Projects Funded List
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