DKGEF Preconvention Event

Are you arriving early for the 2020 International Convention and want to participate in a unique activity? Plan to attend an educational event at the National Constitution Center, “an interactive museum, national town hall, and civic education headquarters dedicated to the U.S. Constitution and its legacy of freedom” (

The DKG Educational Foundation is sponsoring a full day of activities, you can select this add-on on the Convention Registration Form. The $60 cost will include private, personally-guided, small-group tours (30 members each); a show in the round; box lunch; and access to the “hop on hop off” bus for the entire day. The cost will be minimal with no tax deduction available. The program is offered as a service to those attending the DKG International Convention.

The National Constitution Center serves as America’s leading platform for constitutional education and debate, fulfilling the U.S. congressional charter “to disseminate information about the United States Constitution on a nonpartisan basis in order to increase awareness and understanding of the Constitution among the American people.”

Date: July 7, 2020
Time: 10am - 3pm
Price: $60 ticket

Limited to the first 350 registrants